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From the moment that we present our product and service onward, by creating a value beyond the customer expectations within the framework of total quality concept in accordance with the customer demands and our quality targets; to continue our quality of setting a precedent and a leader institution by grounding on the customer satisfaction.

Grounding on the unconditional customer satisfaction in everywhere, every place and every stages; providing the quality’s being the infrastructure of progress and development as a life style together with our shareholders and make this understanding widespread; abide by the principles which aim our company’s being an establishment that lives by creating a value within the norms of business ethics and organizational culture.

M-Tec Metal Technology Industry and Trade Ltd. Company; it was established in Istanbul in the year of 1998 under the name of Tube-Tec, with the aim of presenting consultancy services to the domestic and foreign companies concerning the metal and metal products.
In the year of 2000, it started to show activity as an automotive subordinate industry with the aim of producing passenger seats and seat components to the buses, commercial and passenger vehicles by increasing its investments. Since the end of the year of 2006, the company has continued its activities by changing its name as M-Tec Metal Technology Industry and Trade Ltd. The factory which was found in the GOSB in September of the year of 2006, first moved to Tuzla Mermerciler Organized Industrial Zone and then to Sapanca. With its total area of 6000 m2, which includes in the 3500 m2 production, 500 m2 management and 4000 m2 usage areas, modern production workbenches that is located in Sapanca, it is fully focused on serial and rapid production.
We are continuing to proceed by adding momentum to our production through our electrostatic powder paint facility in addition to our machining and chipless production processes. In case of need, besides directing the customer projects, we also act together with our customer Mercedes-Benz Turk in the solution partnership studies. M-Tec Company, which takes the customer focused business as a goal, carries out its continuous research and development activities in order to develop its products. Our company, which first prioritizes customer and then the individual, company and country interests, aims to carry out its studies in the long term, together with its employees.

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Quality Objectives;
Customer Satisfaction: Our goal is to provide the continuity of the customer satisfaction by keeping it in the upmost level by meeting the needs and expectations of our domestic and foreign customers fully and in time.
Leadership In Technology and Quality: Our target is, to carry our technological leadership and leader quality to other customers too, which we own in the domestic market by new methods that we apply to our products, production and service processes as well as continuous improvement.
Personnel Involvement: Our workmates’ taking much responsibility and their active involvement constitute the basis of our success. To improve our quality continuously in the direction of Total Quality principle, is our main guideline.
Environmental Protection: We are conscious of the necessity to protect the natural environment that we live in and all kinds of effects that can harm to it. With this purpose, selecting the most suitable material and techniques that are oriented to save the nature, is our preliminary condition.
Improvement Of Processes: We develop our processes with all our departments’ continuous collaborative studies which are appropriate to the changing conditions and expectations.
Integration With Our Suppliers and Customers: We provide our decision- making and application processes’ being more productive which are oriented towards the product of good quality and customer satisfaction by becoming integrated with our suppliers and customers.

M-TEC Design Studio
Our Company possesses a designing studio which is responsible from the industrial product development. The designing process which starts with hand-made sketches, continues with a way of modeling by computer. After this, it is gotten ready for production as being prototyped by the production department.
Aesthetics, functionality, ergonomy and quality are indispensible elements during our designing process. Also,the organizational structure is integrated to the products as far as possible. During the designing process, secrecy is our most important strategy. Also, the organizational structure is integrated to the products as far as possible.
In terms of designing; fashion, trends, line and material’s being beyond the time or the product’s being superior and different from its precedents, are our main philosophy. In this context, the logic of trends do not determine our line but we determine the trends and lines, is of great importance for the M-TEC designing studio.

  • 1 piece Mazak CNC Laser Cutting Machine
  • 1 piece Arburg 500gr Plastic Injection Machine
  • 1 pieces Haas CNC Milling Cutter
  • 1 piece Haas MiniMill CNC milling cutter
  • 4 pieces Bormaksan Bench Drill
  • 1 piece Durmazlar Guillotine Shears
  • 9 pieces Arctech Manuel Gas Metal Arc Welding Machine
  • 1 piece Uzay Semi-automatic and Pneumatics Circular Saw
  • 1 piece Uzay Manual Circular Saw
  • 1 piece pipe bending machine
  • 1 piece Hennecke Casting Machine for sponge
  • 1 piece Mevag CNC Pipe Bending Machine
  • 1 piece As Makine Rigid Tapping Machine
  • 1 piece ZMM Turning Lathe
  • 2 pieces Arctech TIG Welding Machine
  • 1 piece 7 Axis OTS DR-400 Gas Metal Arc Welding Robot
  • 1 piece 6 Axis Almega EX-33 Gas Metal Arc Welding Robot
  • 1 piece 7 Axis Almega AX-V6 Gas Metal Arc Welding Robot
  • 1 piece M-Tec Automation Sis. Electrostatic powder coating unit
  • 1 piece 5 Axis CNC Processing Center
  • 2 pieces 100 Ton Şahinler Hydraulic Press
  • 1 piece Single Layered Hot Wood Press
  • 2 pieces 3 Layered Hot Wood Press
  • 1 piece 100 Ton Eccentric Press
  • 1 piece 150 Ton Eccentric Press
  • 1 piece AS Metal Gluing Machine
  • 1 piece Uzay CNC Band Saw
  • 1 piece Deprag CNC Machine for Wood Installation
  • 2 pieces 30 Ton Eccentric Press
  • 1 item of AS Metal Glue-Spreading Machine
“We provide our decision- making and application processes’ being more productive which are oriented towards the product of good quality and customer satisfaction by becoming integrated with our suppliers and customers.”
M-Tec Metal Technology
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